The Necessity of A Toronto Car Accident Lawyer

A lot of people think that once they have car insurance, then they are automatically covered in case of a collision or car-related accidents. They don’t really feel the necessity of having the service of a motor vehicle accident lawyer. Yes, insurance does help a lot because it offers some sort of protection in case of untoward events. However, having an expert working for you can truly make a huge difference. You will truly appreciate the presence of an accident lawyer once you get involved in a serious collision that resulted in severe injuries or even death.Car Accident

Important Factors To Consider When Hiring a Toronto Car Accident Attorney

You probably have a lot of questions in mind right after the accident such as:

  1. Who was/were involved in the accident?
  2. What are the events preceding the accident?
  3. Was the driver under the influence of drug or alcohol?
  4. What are the road and traffic conditions at the time of the accident?
  5. Are you hit by an insured or uninsured motorist?

These questions need expert help in order to be answered correctly. Upon presenting facts to the insurance company, expect that the insurance company will not 100% agree to the presented facts. Hence, you will need expert’s help and a lawyer specializing in motor vehicle accidents can help you best. He will collect all pertinent data, present the data to the insurance company, and will argue your case if deemed necessary.

Keep in mind that the law surrounding car accident injury claim varies from one place to another. Some places do not allow claim for pain and suffering while others have a time limit when filing a claim. If you got involved in a collision or accident, you probably have a lot of things going in your head and filing a compensation claim could possibly be the last thing you have in mind at that very moment. You probably didn’t think of it at all. If you have been in an accident int he Toronto area, to properly protect your rights, you need to have a Toronto car accident law firm at your side. The firm will be the one to deal with the leg work while you focus more on your recovery.

Why You Shouldn’t Settle For Initial Settlement?

Right after the accident, expect that a few people will contact you to offer help. They are the lawyers of the insurance company, the insurance company of the at-fault driver, or the lawyer of the at fault driver. What they usually do is they will offer a settlement amount, which sounds pretty good. However, the amount they offer is most of the time less than what you actually deserve. You will have cold cash in your hand for a moment, but the skyrocketing price of medications and hospitalization will surely leave you empty handed before you even realize it.

Quick settlements are not a good idea at all. If you really want to get the money you deserve, then you should seek help from an experienced injury lawyer. A lawyer specializing in car accident cases protects your rights and makes sure that you will receive full compensation; enough or better yet more than enough money to cover for:

  • Medications
  • Hospitalization/multiple hospital visits
  • Surgeries
  • Repair of vehicles
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Post-accident care, especially if the injury resulted to permanent disability
  • Loss of income and loss of potential income secondary to the injuries sustained

Accidents are stressful no matter how minor the injuries are. You probably are not severely injured, but the stress the situation has put you into is too much to endure. You probably are in a state of shock and couldn’t think clearly and logically. Situation like this need expert help and a highly qualified car accident lawyer in Toronto  can help you. A car accident attorney will look after your welfare and protect your rights in every possible way.